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1968 - 1969 Colt 30rd Images


Colt early G.I. contract 30 round. Green plastic followers. Marked Colt w/pony and "CAL. .223" on floorplate. Circa 1968 to 1969.

Colt 1968-1969 30rd magazines, with Stoner 63 magazine pouches to the left. Image Courtesy Buddy Hinton


(Top) What must have been a transitional model floorplate, market with the 5.56 caliber designation. (Bottom) Dark emerald green follower from same type magazine. (Below) Closeup of follower showing the emerald green of the late 60's followers. Images Courtesy Buddy Hinton


(Top) Early floorplate featuring the .223 caliber designation. Image Courtesy Rambo (Bottom) Closeup of later model follower that desiginated 5.56 Nato - these floorplates can also be found on the early green follower mags. Image Courtesy Buddy Hinton



Number above represents the internal part number as utilized by Colt. Image Courtesy Buddy Hinton


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