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AR15/M16 Magazine FAQ

Armalite Waffle AR-15 Mags


Original Armalite "waffle-sided." Similar in design to the AR-10 magazine. Grey. Super scarce. Pre-1963 production.

(Above) Stoner magazine pouches with early Armalite waffle magazines. Pictured to the right is a colt blank firing magazines


(Top) Follower. It is unknown what the S stands for (Bottom) Armalite waffle magazine floorplate. (Below) Closeup view of the left and right hand sides of the waffle magazine. Images Courtesy Buddy Hinton



(Below) A transitional 20rd magazine that features the typical body style - i.e. not waffled, but also has a later model Armalite floorplate that is correct for the new body style. Image Courtesy Tom Kozik


Last Modified on September 26, 1999