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Re: Pocket 9 disassembly/breakdown
By:ron dammer
Date: 7/13/04 04:12
In Response To: Pocket 9 disassembly/breakdown (Jon Lyman)

hi jon,
thought i'd see if i could help. i have a p9 that i used as a backup in my cop days. to break the gun down is not easy as the recoil spring is strong. as you see there are two tabs right above the trigger guard. the easiest way i found to break this pistol down is to place the pistol with the trigger guard in the palm of one hand so that you can reach the tabs with the thumb and index finger. use the other hand to grab the slide. while resting the butt of the pistol on your leg push down on the slide until it stops. pull the tabs as far as you can with your thumb and finger in the direction away from the slide. the slide should then continue further back and then you lift it away from the frame at the hammer end. then just slide it off the barrel. the spring assembly stays with the slide. after this is done, remove the grips and the other small components are removable for cleaning. it is not easy. hope this helps. let me know. ron.

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