1. General. Safety precautions must be observed during all marksmanship training. This appendix lists the important precautions and references for conduct of this training, but is not intended to replace AR 385-63 or local range regulations. The surface danger area for range firing with the Starlight Scope varies due to the different weapons systems to which it will adapt and their range in caliber. Consequently, range safety requirements to be followed will vary. It is mandatory, therefore, that the latest range safety directives and local range regulations be consulted to determine current safety requirements.

2. Safety Precautions. a. General. Prior to conducting range firing exercises with the Starlight Scope, insure the following references are studied thoroughly: FM 23-67, FM 23-9, FM 23-71, FM 23-8, FM 23-11, FM 23-31, and FM 23-33.

b. Special. When firing during the hours of darkness, the following special precautions apply:

(1) A blinking red light must be used in addition to the red range flag displayed at the entrance of the range.

(2) Two red lights will be mounted on the red and white striped pole indicating firing limits. They must be visible to all firers.

(3) A check of the down range area will be made to insure all personnel and equipment are clear of the area. This will be accomplished by asking twice over a public address system "IS THERE ANYONE DOWN RANGE?" Pause each time long enough to permit a response.

(4) No one will move forward of the firing line at any time until the firing line has been checked and cleared by safety personnel and then only on command from the officer in charge of firing.

(5) Safety personnel will insure individuals assigned to specific firing points, but who are not firing, remain at their designated station.