1. Purpose. This appendix is a guide for instructors. Its contents should not limit their initiative and originality.

2. Presentation. a. Instruction should be presented using explanation, demonstration, and practical application. Since the Starlight Scope increases the weight of the weapon and makes positions and the integrated act of shooting even more important, the coach and pupil method should prove invaluable during marksmanship training.

b. Each man's training must be closely supervised to insure a high standard of efficiency and coordination.

3. Training Objectives. To provide the soldier with information in sufficient detail to enable him to effectively employ the Starlight Scope in combat.

4. Assistant Instructors. Prior to instruction, train selected personnel as demonstrators and assistant instructors. Assistant instructors must be able to correct errors and answer questions pertaining to the training. To give the students a clear picture of the work under discussion, insure that demonstrators are trained and thoroughly rehearsed so that demonstrations are correct in every detail.

5. General Training Notes. a. The minimum time required to train a Starlight Scope operator is 4 hours; however, the 7-hour course is recommended. Training in tactics and techniques of employment should be covered during unit training. The proficiency course is designed to maintain the proficiency of trained operators. It should not be presented to soldiers who have not completed the operatorís training course or the operatorís training course modified.

b. Although the importance of mechanical and other phases of training should not be de-emphasized, the importance of experience gained from range firing exercises, during the hours of darkness, cannot be overemphasized.

c. Training aids for instruction may be constructed using the photographs and diagrams contained within this training circular as a guide. The training aids should be available in sufficient time to assure that all assistant instructors are thoroughly familiar with them.

d. During classroom presentations, the class may be divided into small groups under the direct supervision of an assistant instructor. The size of the groups will be dependent on the availability of Starlight Scopes.

e. During daylight instruction, the lens cap must be positioned over the objective lens to prevent damage to the image intensifier tubes.

6. Conduct of Training. Army Subject Schedule 23-39 should be used as a guide in preparing lesson plans and scheduling periods of instruction with the Starlight Scope. The schedule of instruction and scope of training may be limited by the amount of time available, the duties of personnel to be trained, and the equipment available.

7. Security. Since the Starlight Scope is classified, adequate physical security measures in accordance with applicable Department of Defense and military department directives will be instituted during all operations with the Starlight Scope.