Section 1.

Paragraphs 1-5


1. Scope.

a. This manual is published for the information and guidance of ordnance maintenance personnel. It contains detailed instructions for inspection, disassembly, maintenance, and repair of the U.S. rifle, cal. .30, M1 (fig. 1); U.S. rifle, cal. .30 M1C (sniper's) (fig. 2); and the U.S. rifle, cal. .30, M1D (sniper's) (fig. 3). This manual does not contain general assembly or disassembly or information which is intended primarily for the using arms, since such information is available to ordnance maintenance personnel in FM 23-5.

b. Where "repair tolerances," as opposed to tolerances for new manufacture have been set up, such repair tolerances will continue in use. If additional tolerances or variations are desired, submit a specific request to the Chief of Ordnance.

c. Only rifles having the new spline-type gas cylinder are to be rebuilt. The receivers on rifles having the old type gas cylinders are of early manufacture, and cause "eleven o'clock" feed stoppages. They are identified by the top of the front feed rib being cut away instead of coming up to a square corner.

d. Since the M1, M1C, and M1D rifles are basically the same mechanically, as well as in operation and functioning, the disassembly, assembly, inspection, maintenance, and repair are covered generally.

2. Characteristics

The U.S. rifles cal. .30, M1, M1C, and M1D are gas-operated, clip-loaded, air cooled, semiautomatic shoulder weapons. These rifles may be equipped with gun sling M1907 (leather), or gun sling M1 (webbing). When desired, grenade launcher M7 or M7A1, or bayonet M1 may be used with the rifles.

3. Difference Between Models

a. The U.S. rifles cal. .30, M1, M1C, and M1D are basically the same. However, rifles of early and present manufacturer of the same model may differ somewhat due to changes in design of some of the component parts.

b. The U.S. rifle M1C (sniper's) (fig. 2) is the standard U.S. rifle M1 with telescope M81 or M82 mounted on the receiver and a cheek pad laced to the stock. The flash hider M2 is furnished as an accessory with the M1C and M1D models.

c. The U.S. rifle M1D (sniper's) (fig. 3) differs from the U.S. rifle M1C (sniper's) only in the design of the telescope mount and bracket. On the M1C model the telescope is held in a removable mount having a dovetailed slide mating with that of a bracket permanently attached to the receiver and locked in place by means of two locking screws. On the M1D model, the telescope is held in a removable mount which in turn is attached to a fixed base on the barrel of the rifle by means of one screw and dowel pin.

4. Forms and Records

Ordnance inspection forms and records, O. O. F. 7228, O. O. F. 7229, Inspection or Ordnance Material; OFM 202, Inspection Report of U.S. Rifle Cal. .30 M1; and OFM 205, Inspection Ticket for Rifle, U.S. Cal. .30, M1, provide a written record of the status as regards serviceability or ordnance materiel in the hands of troops.

5. Data

(a.) U. S. Rifle, Cal. .30, M1

Weight  9.5 lb.
Weight with bayonet, M1 and sling, M1907  11.2 lbs.
Length (over-all) rifle only  43.6 in.
Length (over-all) with bayonet, M1  53.4 in.
Length of barrel  24 in.
Length of rifling  70.8 cal.; 21.30 in.
Number of grooves  { 4-rifles of old mfr. }
  { 2-rifles of new mfr. }
R.H. twist; 1 turn in  33.3 cal.; 10 in.
Depth of grooves  0.0040 in.
Cross-sectional area of bore  0.0740 sq. in.
Type of mechanism  Gas-operated, semiautomatic
Loading device  Clip
Rate of fire  Semiautomatic
Cooling  Air
Sight radius  27.9 in. at 100 yd range
Trigger pull  7.5 lb max; 5.5 lb min
Normal pressure  50,000 lb per sq in. (copper)
Ammunition  Ball, A.P., tracer
Cartridge, ball type  Cal. .30, M2
Approximate maximum range for cartridge M2 (standard)  3,450 yards


(b.) U.S. Rifles, Cal. .30, M1C (Sniper's) and M1D (Sniper's)

Length of rifle without flash hider  43.60 in.
Length of rifle with flash hider mounted  46.13 in.
Weight of rifles complete with telescope, flash hider, web sling, and cheek pad, but less web carrying case, M65  11.81 lbs
Weight of telescope, M81 or M82 only, with removable mount assembly (including rubber eyeshield)  1.24 lbs
Weight of flash hider  0.44 lbs
Weight of web sling  0.26 lbs
Weight of cheek pad  0.34 lbs
Weight of rifle, M1C or M1D without accessories but including permanently mounted bracket  9.75 lbs
Weight of leather sling, M1907  0.50 lbs
Weight of telescope, M81 or M82 only, without removable mount but including rubber eyeshield  0.84 lbs
Weight of web carrying case, M65  0.28 lbs
Trigger pull  6.5 lb max; 4.5 lb min
Focus for distance  Universal
Maximum useful range  800 to 1000 yd
Zero setting range (telescope)  300 yd
Field of vision at 100 yd  35 ft
Magnification  2.50X
Eye relief (telescope)(approximately)  5 in.
Weight of 1 rifle, M1C or M1D complete with all accessories in a V3C corrugated fiberboard box  15.5 lb
Weight of 5 unit-packed rifles, M1C or M1D in chest (approximately)  104 lb
Over-all dimensions of chest  13 7/8 x 11 1/8 x 35 1/2 in.

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