"Nuff Respect Out On The Town"

Nuff Respect Emerging From Bobby Moore's Custom Marine

Today, Wednesday October 26th was a day in Offshore Powerboat Racing history. The long awaited debut and sea trail of the latest Superboat project by Jim Robinson and Bobby Moore's Custom Marine. She is appropriately named "Nuff Respect" and she's likely to earn just that. The first 46 foot Skater four engine Superboat rolled from the doors of Custom Marine on Miami's famous Thunderboat Row yesterday at 1 P.M. and bears the now famous number 10 which is the number of her predecessor and 1995 National Champion in the Superboat class "Gone Clear". As the two boats sat side by side on the launch platform it was clear to everyone that big brother was in town! You could feel the anticipation in the air as the mechanics made final adjustments to the tie bars and attached four gleaming stainless props to her outdrives.

Four SSM #7

I had the pleasure of observing the sea trial from a lovely Ocean Hawk escort boat as the four 1000 HP blower motors roared to life and Nuff Respect headed to open water to stretch her legs for the first time. She rode bow proud in the water due to the weight of those four huge engines as we headed South down the Intracoastal waterway to find an appropriate stretch of water to observe and photograph the first series of runs.

It Floats

With the legendary T-man Bobby Moore in his cockpit and National Champion Jim Robinson at the wheel "Nuff Respect" made a series of eight runs and let me tell you sports fans there will be some condo owners on North Miami Beach who will need to re-caulk their windows today. This baby is loud!

Running Down The Causeway in Miami

"Nuff Respect" lept up on plane and left a 20 foot high roostertail in her wake as she gained momentum and streaked down the Intracoastal while the crew and builders with me in the escort boat cheered her on. After 4 runs Mr. Moore decided to reprop her and four new screws were mounted. The seventh run was incredible. One could not help but be reminded of "Gone Clear's" National Championship victory run at Palm Beach recently but was obvious to all of us that the envelope had opened and we were watching something quite different. I can just imagine a pair of elderly neighbors having their morning tea on the balcony of their high rise on North Miami's Intracoastal today and asking one another if the Space Shuttle made a low pass about 4PM yesterday. "Did you hear that Evelyn, What was it?"

Ladies, it was "Nuff Respect" and if you come to Key West for the World Championships November 12th bring your ear plugs and your wide angle binoculars because she's a stepper. Well Done Gentlemen.

Carl Hunt Hays III
Offshore Powerboat Racing Correspondent

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