"The Halloween Run"

Nuff Respect at Rest
Miami- The sea trials of "Nuff Respect" continue with increased focus on animating every system to function flawlessly and achieving maximum potential. Technicians from Bobby Moore's Custom Marine and Douglas Skater Marine have been working tirelessly to see that she lives up to her name. If talent, dedication and sheer willpower are the ingredients of a successful racing effort they are not to be found lacking in this project. From my vantage point on the escort boat as the crew and I watched "Nuff Respect" run under a dark grey sky Tuesday down Government Cut toward the open sea she was markedly improved.

Hull modifications and fine tuning allowed her to be regarded by all as truly a cutting edge effort. Automobiles were backed up on the palm lined MacArthur Causeway for blocks, as drivers craned their necks to catch a glimpse, "Nuff" thundered down the long stretch reserved for freighters and luxury cruise ships, with 4000 horsepower blasting from her 8 polished stainless exhaust pipes, echoing brutally against the skyscrapers of beautiful downtown Miami.

More than one tugboat captain got his whiskers ruffled as The New Number 10 streaked toward the Atlantic where she will make her run in the hope of becoming World Champion next week in Key West.

Carl Hunt Hays III
Offshore Powerboat Racing Correspondent

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