Monday November 6, 1995

Key West 1995 Super Boat World Championships

Sunset at Key West

Photo by Margaret Hart

As the rest of the country feels a November chill it's 85 degrees and sunny here at the end of the road. Gentle east winds are 10mph and barely move the palms and seas are 1-2 feet. Conditions at the southernmost spot in the United States are ideal for what is the last stop in the 1995 Offshore Powerboat Racing season. Over one hundred and twenty sleek speedboats are filing into Truman Annex and crews are working feverishly under brightly covered canopies just a short distance from the site of the vacation home of former President Harry S. Truman. "Give 'Em Hell" Harry's vacation spot is fitting for this event because that sentiment is on the mind of most of the Racing Teams here today from The United States, Canada, Argentina, Italy, England, France,Puerto Rico and Japan who aspire toward winning their share of the $111,000 purse. As the boats prepare for the first race on Wednesday only a few have taken to the sea as most work has been confined to the dry pit area this morning. There were reports of the formidable Superboat teams Alcone MotorSports and La Grand Argentina doing initial water testing yesterday. Crowds are streaming into Key West as the festivities surrounding this spectacle begin as we move toward the first event on Wednesday.

Carl Hunt Hays III - Offshore Powerboat Racing Correspondent

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