Tuesday November 7, 1995

Key West 1995 Super Boat World Championship

Key West - The Conch Republic which is normally accustomed to the soothing good time sounds of Jimmy Buffet's music filling Duvall Street, the sweet smell of fine Cuban cigars and the silence of bicycles which are the preferred mode of transportation in the city that defines the laid back lifestyle, is getting a wake up call at 11 A.M. tomorrow. One hundred and thirty entries in the SBR and APBA World Championship Offshore Powerboat Race should generate according to my calculations over 100,000 horsepower. Consider that the Stock Class has a 700 HP limit and the Superboat Class has a 4800 HP limit. Pro-Stock, Modified and Open Class boats which are in the middle range from 600 to 1800 HP per boat. That's a lot of ponies out on the Ocean sports fans. It's 86 degrees in November and they are not wearing their mufflers. Imagine 65 drag races at once and you begin to get the idea. Your knees feel the vibration from the seawall as they pass by at speeds approaching 140 mph. This city loves to boogie and boogie we will very soon now, to a new and heavy beat. Keep those modems tuned in here for the very latest word from Key West. I love the smell of nitromethane in the morning.. It smells like ...VICTORY!

Carl Hunt Hays III - Offshore Powerboat Racing Correspondent to the World Wide Web

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