Equipment Changes and Introductions

La Baby Argentina
Photo Courtesy Andy Newman
  • Gone Clear - Jim Robinson and Bobby Moore, who won the Superboat Class National Championship this year, have prepared a new boat with a new name, which will debut in Key West. The new boat is a 46' Douglas Marine Skater with four 1000hp Mercury Marine Motors and SSM outdrives. This boat, which will be called "Nuff Respect", will be the first catamaran in several years to feature a four engine configuration.


  • Executor - This rookie team, which came in second this year in the 1995 SBR Open Points Standings, will be staying with the same successful combination that they have been running all year. The team plans on sending the motors and drives to Mercury for overhaul while they fine tune the hull.
  • Recovery Racing - Fresh from establishing the APBA National Open Points Championship for 1995, and the 1995 SBR Open Points Championship, Staurt Hayim and Joey Imprescia will unveil a newer and more streamlined version of the 46' Douglas Marine Skater that they helped popularize last year with the introduction of the original 46' boat at the 1994 South Padre race. The new boat will be featuring 900hp Mercury Marine Class I motors, and is expected to have a top speed of over 130mph, with a race speed of around 120mph.

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    Last Updated Wednesday, October 18, 1995