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Colt AR-15 CAD Files


Note the following files are for reference only, and are not intended for use in production of an actual firearm or sear. Also note that ownership of a DIAS and AR15 constitutes ownership of a machingun, please abide by the law and use these materials solely for educational purposes.



Adobe Acrobat Files

DIAS Assembly
DIAS Housing
3D Receiver Wirefream - No Dimensions -


Zip File of ALL DWG and Pro/E Files Created for these Items


Master CAD Files
(Updated to include dimension fixes from first version)

Special thanks to Duke Snider for all the work and detail he put into these


3 Dimensional Wireframe AutoCad File by John M. Sabato


9mm AR15 Blueprints for Fabrication of own aftermarket unit
(From Home Workshop Guns by Bill Holmes)

Unknown Origin set of Blueprints


Animations using Pro E from the US ARMY

M4 Receiver Firing
M4 Buttstock
M203 Grenade Launcher
Bolt Locking
M9 Bayonet


Last Modified on June 29, 2003