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HAC-7 Standard
HAC-7C Carbine
HAC-7M Match
HAC-7S Sniper
20" Barrel 16" Barrel 24" Heavy Fluted Barrel 24" Heavy Fluted Barrel
8lb 12oz 8lb 6 1/2oz Fully adjustable trigger Fully adjustable trigger
Length, Folded 33" Length, Folded 29" Designed for NM comp. Designed only for scope
Length, Extended 43" Length, Extended 39" Shipped with sight blocks Scope rings on request


Little is known about the Holloway Arms HAC-7. It was first introduced in 1984 by Bob Holloway, of Ft. Worth TX - who drew on his years of experience in Southeast Asia and Rhodesia to design this rifle.

The rifle, which was chambered in .308 Winchester, utilized converted AR-10 magazines, was inspired by the FAL, AKM, and AR-15. One of its more unique features was its offering in both left and right handed versions. From the factory, rifles shipped with the usual accessories, but one unique addition was a matching serial number belt buckle. Original pricing was $675 for the right handed version, and $725 for the lefty.

Total production numbers were less than 350 units.


Standard Features
Folding Stock
Two 20-Round Magazines
Adjustable Front and Rear Sight

Drilled and Tapped for Included Scope Bases

Sling and Muzzle Cap
Ambidextrous Charging Handle and Mag. Release
Four Position Gas Regulator, Separate Gas Cut-Off





(Above) Bob Holloway - Designer of the Holloway Arms HAC-7 (Left) 20" Standard model on top, and 16" carbine version to the bottom. (Lower Left) Left handed HAC-7 that is being offered for sale by Bernies Sports in GA.

Last Modified on October, 2015