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From the Bushmaster Armpistol Manual - The Bushmaster weapons system was based on the function and operating principles of the patented IMP aircrew survival weapon designed at the United States Air Force Armament Laboratory at Eglin Air Force Base. Subsequent design changes integrated the battle proven characteristics of the U. S. military M16 and the unexcelled gas system of the Russian military AK-47; thus attaining the simplicity and functionability of the current Bushmaster production.

By consistently and methodically applying these principles, it has been possible to make a high percentage of all individual parts in the various weapons comprising the Bushmaster system identical and thus interchangeable both among our various models and with the Colt M16.

The overall concept of the U. S. M16 and Soviet AK-47 have been in military use for many years and both countries continue to produce these proven designs in large quantities. Along with these concepts, the utilization of all practicable new developments in the field of weapons technology, improved materials and the empl.bymenVs of the most advanced machine tools and special equipment insures that the shooter has at his disposal a weapon of .. sophisticated design and technology.


Weight in Kilograms (Pounds)  
Empty 2.38 (5.25)
Full 2.84 (6.25)
Full Magzine   .45 (1.00)
Length in Centimeters    
  Pistol overall with flash suppressor 52.39 (20.63)
  Barrel Length 29.53 (11.63)
  Front Post Type (Swivels with pistol grip)
  Rear Adjustable V nothc (three position 40 degrees either side of the center axis).
  Sight Radius 48.26 cm (19")
  Caliber 5.56 mm M193 Military Ball Recommended
  Projectile 3.564 g (59 grains)
  Minimum Recommended Load Seven magazines at 30 rounds each (210 rounds).


Last Modified on October, 2015