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Bushmaster Armpistol Variants and Pictorial

There are three known variants to the Bushmaster Armpistol. The pistol shown above is one of the early Gwinn Firearms market units that featured a somewhat conventional safety above the trigger assembly - this variant was produced in the early 70s. (Below) Is a mid to late seventies variant that featured the safety mounted directly above the trigger, but still in the trigger guard. (Bottom) The final variant of the armpistol featured the safety as an integral part of the rear receiver.

(Below) An Air Force trials prototype that featured a matte nickel finish from the factory. Serial number on this unit is JO1500. This was produced by Bushmaster Firearms of Portland, Maine. Courtesy Bruce Shaw


(Below) Closeup of first generation trigger and safety assembly. (Right) Front sight.(Below Right) Rear sight.








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