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SIG AMT and PE57 Photos from Published Sources



(Above) 510-4 Function Diagram. (Left) Swiss soldier with 510-4. (Below) Note bayonet mount and grenade launcher bands. Photos from Waffen Revue, Dec.1971.


(Right) 510-4 with infrared scope and floodlight. (Below) 510-4 Parts blowup. Images from Waffen Revue, Dec. 1971

(Above) 510-4 with bayonet mounted. (Below) 510-4 with rare factory scope mount. Images from Waffen Revue, Dec. 1971 (Far Below) SIG AMT parts blowup from factory manual.


(Left) PE57, SIG Factory Brochure.




(Above) Ad from a 1968 edition of Shotgun News. Contributed by Tom K.



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